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Rose Way Recovery House team is led by responsible women in recovery. We are devoted to providing ideal sober living for women.

Megan Corsgrove

Megan Cosgrove



Megan Cosgrove is a South Florida native. From a young age, Megan was driven by her passion for the performing arts. This intense passion for dance kept Megan out of trouble for quite some time. Eventually that faded, when drugs and alcohol became the evil and corroding thread in her life. After many years of battling with alcohol and drug addiction, Megan surrendered to this new way of living. Through perseverance and dedication to sobriety, she has overcome every obstacle placed in her path. She is an active member of Alcoholics Anonymous, helping countless women on a daily basis. As a person in long term sobriety, Megan often shares her experience with other women as a way to give back. 

Megan founded Rose Way in 2017. What once was a dream of hers is now a beautiful reality that she gets to live every single day. She has helped hundreds of women on their journey to Sobriety. Megan prides herself on giving the best quality of care to the residents in her homes. Her hands-on approach and love for these women is like no other. Megan has created a community of women within her homes that gives the residents the support and structure that they so desperately need. Rose Way produces success rates due to the continuous guidance that the team offers. As a Certified Interventionist, Megan is qualified to assist directly with families as well. She will go above and beyond for you and your loved one, helping every step of the way. 

None of this would have been possible without God and the love and support of Megan’s family. Megan also holds the title of Mom to a precious little boy, is a dance teacher at a local dance studio as well as a professional dancer with AGWA Dance Company. These are just a few of the gifts Megan has received through sobriety. Megan’s passion for helping women is evident through her hard work and dedication to Rose Way Recovery House and through the testimonies of the beautiful ladies who have been placed in her path.

Kacy Hambel

Kacy Hambel



Kacy is a former resident of Ohio. Her passion for helping others started at a young age which led her to nursing where she obtained a degree as an LPN. She worked actively as an LPN for 13 years in multiple different fields until Alcohol became a major factor in her life. Her struggle with alcohol eventually brought her to Florida in December 2019 for treatment. After a long battle with alcohol for nearly a decade she was officially defeated and ready to put the work in and put her life back together. Now she is an active member of Alcoholic Anomyous and strives to help other alcoholics and addicts.

Her new passion to help other alcoholics and addicts has lead her to house managing at Rose Way Recovery House. Where she is able to lead by
example and share her story of how she has overcome the many obstacles placed in path
throughout her journey in sobriety and watch other alcoholics and addicts overcome these obstacles. One of her biggest obstacles was repairing her relationship with her 15 year old daughter.

Her close relationship with her daughter that alcohol destroyed gave her the perseverance and strength to push through the hard times in sobriety. She knew that the only way to repair it was by staying sober. So she took the suggestions from other recovering alcoholics and addicts and watched many relationships with children be repaired by their continuous length in sobriety. Today she has a relationship with her daughter that she never thought was possible. Her hard work and dedication to Alcoholic Anomyous and helping other alcoholics and addicts havee brought her to a point in her life where she found peace and

Rose Way Mission


Our calling is to see that the women we care for have what they need to build a foundation for lasting recovery.

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Rose Way Recovery House is dedicated to inspiring and enhancing the quality of life for struggling addicts and their families. Through promise, hope, and new beginnings we set out to change lives, one rose at a time.

-Megan Cosgrove


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